Epson printer cartridges are a common mainstay in homes and offices across the world, but who would have thought they'd be the first choice option at the Oscars.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has favoured the firm's products for over a decade and is sticking with them again this year.

Epson printer ink will be used to run off official credentials for the event, which takes place on Sunday.

So while many eyes will be on the A-list stars attending the ceremony, some are likely to be admiring Epson's handiwork.

Indeed, the company said the colour credentials for the highlight in the movie industry's calendar will be "flawless" and "borderless".

Jennifer Liao, spokeswoman for Epson, stated that the company is excited to be involved with the Academy Awards once again.

And excitement is brewing among film fans too, as many are eagerly awaiting news of who will come away with the top prizes.

Colin Firth's turn in The King's Speech, which has already secured him a Bafta, is widely tipped to be recognised this weekend.