LEGO LogoLet’s face it LEGO is brilliant! I have loved LEGO since before I can remember, I mean, who hasn’t??

LEGO was invented in the late 1940’s and has probably been in every home in the UK Since it was designed and engineered in Billund, Denmark. Through the years LEGO have produced over 400 billion plastic bricks for various themes such as cars, houses, and my absolute personal favourite, the Star Wars collection!….

…..and now, have LEGO taken the big leap into the printing industry? The simple answer is no, but while I was recently scouring the internet for printer stories, I stumbled across an amazing LEGO felt tip printer! It may not be the fastest printer in the world boasting print speeds of 0.015 pages per minute but it is definitely the most fun. The printer prints in felt tips so you can print in any colour and ink is readily available from most stationary retailers. The printer also boasts an engine size of six LEGO men and two horses giving you abundance in power!

Unfortunately this isn’t an official LEGO product, so it won’t be on the market anytime soon (sigh), but everyone here at CartridgeMonkey believes that if LEGO were to enter the printing market, they would change the face of printing forever (who couldn’t love those little LEGO men working away on your printer).

So check out the video below of the printer in action, I’m sure you’ll all agree, that this is absolutely amazing!

Which brings me to my final question, what everyday gadgets would you make out of LEGO? Join in the fun and post your comments below.

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