Canon printer cartridges could be a good choice for consumers, after the brand was highlighted as the best out there.

They are durable and reliable, which makes them the most popular manufacturer on the market, according to Malvika Sampat, writing for

The expert pointed out that the very name Canon is enough to tell people the product is going to be a hallmark of quality.

Canon's popularity can be seen by the fact in 2009 it was ranked fourth in the US, while it made $35 billion (£21.8 billion) in 2010.

He noted that those who are not au fait with technology will also be able to fix most of the problems which may crop up with one of Canon's printers by checking in the manual.

This comes shortly after it was revealed by the International Data Corporation Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker that Canon has moved past its rival HP in the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) market for the first time.