Touch screen glassIf you’ve seen any film from the last three decades that showed us a vision of what the future might hold, such as Back to the future 2 or Minority report, you will remember predictions like flying cars, and computers built into glass walls that are controlled by gestures or touch.

As is the case in a fictional world, not many of these predictions ever become a reality, and like me, you may be disappointed that we still aren’t travelling around in our very own flying deloreans…… but could the predictions of touch screen future technology made in Minority report, or flexible electronic devices built into consumer products soon be a reality??

If like me, you can’t wait for technology like this, here are 2 reasons why I think we should get excited:

1: Scientists at Xerox, one of the world’s largest printer manufacturers, have developed ‘Silver ink technology’ which will allow manufacturers to print circuits on to flexible materials such as plastics, films and textiles instead of silicon based micro-chips.

The new Silver ink technology is a much cheaper alternative to micro chips, so not only could this pave the way for designing devices like flexible or bendable mobile phones, but soon we may even be watching videos and interacting with our cereal boxes and crisp packets!

2: Corning Incorporated, a specialist in glass and ceramics who work to develop technologies in thin film transistor liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCD screens) and other advanced display products have created the following video for their vision of the future using specialty glass.

So get your polishing cloths at the ready, thanks to Corning, this could be a reality in the near future:

(Corning – youtube, via Dvice)

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