Becoming more frugal has become a priority for the majority homeowners in recent times due to the onset of the global economic downturn, with people trying to reduce their expenditure on outgoings such as utility bills.

However, something that many consumers may not have considered is replacing their current printer cartridges but, according to Mark O'Neill's Green IT for Sustainable Business Practice, individuals may be able to save money through switching their printer ink, The Hindu reports.

Mr O'Neill stated that "as much as 60 per cent of the ink contained in an inkjet cartridge" can be wasted by older models, with many inkjet printers providing efficiency rates of "just 58 per cent when used for photo printing".

Therefore, homeowners may wish to re-evaluate their printer usage in order to make savings.

Meanwhile, in an article for the Globe and Mail, Lynn Greiner recently suggested that wireless printing solutions can be "surprisingly cheap".