HP has been hailed for offering far more than just market-leading information technology.

According to IDC, the company is now focusing its efforts on delivering "world-class information experiences".

This, it said, is a reflection of huge changes in the world of technology and how its customers interact with their gadgets.

Crawford Del Prete, chief research officer at IDC, commented: "We increasingly live in a world where enterprise and personal IT experiences are blurring."

He stated that technology companies need to focus more heavily on enabling customers to "seamlessly and securely interact with the right information for a multitude of contexts".

Mr Del Prete added that HP is already working to achieve this goal and has set a strategy in place to bring its new philosophy to life.

This comes after IDC revealed that the number of HP printer shipments in the last quarter of 2010 exceeded 15.5 million.

Figures showed this is ten per cent higher than the amount recorded a year earlier.