Businesses with Lexmark printer cartridges may be interested in a new model from the company, which has been praised for its multiple functions. said that the Lexmark Genesis S815 will provide the user with a printer, scanner, photocopier and colour fax machine all in one, while its unique design means that it also saves space.

While traditional printers have always been horizontal, the Genesis S815 opts for a near-vertical, upright posture, offering an innovative look.

The printer also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and can access apps to link it to Facebook and Twitter.

"Text output is dark and crisp, remaining readable even at very low point sizes. A top-quality A4 photo print took two minutes, 32 seconds," the site added.

Lexmark recently announced that the Genesis S815 has won the red dot award for Computer and Information Technology thanks to its combination of cutting-edge technology and design.