PrinterWe all like to look good for those special occasions. When we go on a night out there’s nothing that makes you feel better than buying something snazzy, so that you look and feel good!…..but have you ever had one of those days where no matter how many shops you hunt around in, you just can’t find something you like? Or when you finally do find something, typically, your size has sold out!

What if you could simply buy a design on the internet and print something that would fit you perfectly?!  Well hold on to the seat of your pants, you may be printing yourself something snazzy in the near future using your very own 3D printer!

 Currently, 3D printers have been developed as ‘rapid prototyping’ machines that take a 3 dimensional scan of an object, splitting it into cross-sectional slices and making an exact copy by printing successive layers, one on top of another, until a solid replica has been created.

Since 2003, sales of 3D printers have boomed and they are now widely used in the automotive, industrial, construction and medical industries. As the technology has advanced, the cost of the machines has declined, paving the way for smaller personal and office machines to be developed, such as the HP Designjet 3D printer range.

Now boffins in the fashion industry are looking into the potential applications of 3D printers. Freedom of creation, a design and research company, are exploring the capabilities of rapid prototyping and how it can be used in fashion to make perfectly sized garments, that can be instantly printed.

Imagine you make a scan of yourself, download a perfectly sized clothing design from the internet, and print it instantly on your own 3D printer… more disappointing trips down the high street!

(via BBC News)

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