People who wish to make their own personalised t-shirts on a budget should spend time considering what sort of printer ink is suitable for such a task, according to an expert.

In a post on a blog run by the Daily Herald newspaper, Angel Peterson said those interested in producing their own designs on a variety of clothing materials will benefit from researching which brands of printers and ink cartridges will work most effectively.

"A simple internet search will help you decide what iron-on transfer paper brand will work with your printer and ink," she said.

Ms Peterson acknowledged that a device made for personalising items of clothing can be expensive as well as "hugely messy" and explained how a home printer can be more than up to the challenge.

One appropriate product could be the Samsung ML-3310ND, which reviewer Daniel Robinson commended for being able to print on a variety of materials.

People must print their chosen slogans or designs backwards so they can be ironed on the correct way round, Ms Peterson warned.