One printer novice may be keen to buy Kodak ink cartridges have finding one of the company's models easy to use.

Louie Villalobos, a writer at the Arizona Republic, admitted that reviewing the Kodak ESP C310 was something of a challenge.

This, he said, is because he's not an expert on printers, so simply had to think about what most "regular consumers" would expect from their device.

However, Mr Villalobos soon got to grips with the all-in-one printer and found it very easy to set up.

He stated that it worked "splendidly" on a wireless network and came with a "powerful software suite that should meet most printing needs".

Mr Villalobos described the quality of its photo prints as "awesome", even when it was running off images captured by his smartphone.

"I was impressed with the quality of pictures the C310 is able to spit out," he commented.

However, Mr Villalobos admitted his lack of knowledge of printers in general means he can't say for sure whether the Kodak ESP C310 is the very best all-in-one printer that's currently available.

Kodak itself believes the gadget is a highly affordable model that offers "uncompromising quality" and "unbelievable value".