Stocking up on HP ink cartridges could help consumers reduce the environmental impact of their printing activities.

According to chef and restaurateur Rick Bayless, every choice a person makes has an effect on the natural world.

For instance, he said people could use locally and sustainably sourced ingredients in their food to cut their carbon emissions.

Mr Bayless stated that a similar approach can be taken when it comes to using technology, as certain items have been designed with the environment firmly in mind.

He flagged up HP as one brand that is taking steps to reduce the impact its appliances have on the natural world.

"I'm excited to get more productivity and creativity out of HP products that consume less energy and less counter space," Mr Bayless commented.

This comes shortly after the HP Designjet L25500 printer was honoured by Business Equipment Research & Test Laboratories for "meeting the needs of environmentally conscious customers" without compromising on performance and quality.