Monkeys are not always focused solely on mischievous activities and eating bananas, new research has proven.

According to a study by professionals in Germany published in the Nature Communications journal, one breed of our primate friends may be significantly more intelligent than they have previously been given credit for, the BBC reports.

The research found that long-tailed macaques are able to count, insofar as when they were presented with two plates containing different quantities of raisins, these monkeys were able to decipher which plate held more of the foodstuff.

Scientists at the German Primate Centre – which is based at the Leibniz Institute for Primate Research in Gottingen – believe this to show that these animals have the ability to comprehend "the concept of relative quantities".

However, it also seems that greed is not a sin these primates like to commit, as during a further examination of their cognitive abilities they often chose the plate with fewer raisins.

Lead researcher Vanessa Schmitt commented that the apes' "impulsiveness impaired their judgment" in this instance.

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