Consumers who wish to print photographs at home might want to invest in some Canon printer cartridges.

According to PC World magazine, the manufacturer's MG6150 device produces "extremely high quality" images on photo paper.

Indeed, the publication said the colours on the photos were "true to the images on screen and one of the most accurate depictions of colour we've seen lately".

PC World noted that the MG6150 also comes with a few other "nifty features", including a flash drive and Wi-Fi connectivity.

"That's what we've come to expect from any new printer in this price range," it commented.

However, the publication added that the photo quality isn't quite so good when plain paper is used instead of dedicated photo paper.

As a result, it believes the MG6150 may not be the best option for those who are mainly planning to produce line art or text.

Canon itself has already hailed the quality of the photos this gadget produces as "superb".