Sales of printer cartridges for wireless models may increase if customers heed the advice of a professional.

Writing in the Globe and Mail, hardware journalist Lynn Greiner suggested people ditch their cabled printers and snap up wireless devices for the office or the home because they are easier to manage and "surprisingly cheap".

The expert encouraged people to part with their cash if they want to "banish those pesky cables", as wireless printers are integrated with technology that can automatically connect with a local network very quickly.

She said once users have installed a network that a laptop or computer can communicate with, the focus should then shift to what sort of printing model and brand is suitable.

"Should it only print, or scan, copy and/or fax as well? You'll find wireless printers in all of these categories," said Ms Greiner.

One such product is the Samsung ML-1865W, which's Simon Handy recently described as an appropriate purchase for buyers looking for a home printer as it is wireless and takes up very little space.