People wanting to use their printer cartridges to produce work of a high quality may want to consider investing in a Canon model, which has been recommended for this very reason.

The Pixma MX420 received a positive write-up from with reviewer Luke Sampson claiming he was "rather impressed" with the device, awarding it four out of six stars.

Drawing attention to the product's 100-sheet paper capacity, its ability to print directly from USB, send faxes and connect with Wi-Fi or ethernet networks, Mr Sampson described the model as "not bad at all" for the price of around £100.

"There's a lot there, but the buttons are large and widely spaced, so it's reasonably intuitive to get to grips with," he explained.

The expert described the text on the documents produced by the device as "thick, crisp and clear".

Canon was recently identified as the most appreciated printer brand on the internet in a study of opinions expressed through social media by