Anyone who needs to buy new ink cartridges for their printer, no matter what the make or model, should check around to find any bargains, one expert has said.

While some people may always make the same choices when buying ink cartridges, searching for bargains may result in some new discoveries.

In an article for the Houston Chronicle, Bob Levitus said that while he went shopping for ink cartridges, he was able to make good use of an offer and emerged from the store with a whole new printer.

Mr Levitus noted that he was wary of the new purchase, because new printers typically come with smaller-capacity ink cartridges, but a claim that higher-capacity items were included made him try the deal.

He noted that if he had followed his usual pattern of ordering ink cartridges a long time in advance, he would have missed the offer.

While there may be no need to buy a new printer each time the ink cartridges run out, finding the best prices for ink can help consumers to save money time after time.