Items such as printer cartridges and other electronic items can all be recycled, consumers have been told.

Rather than simply disposing of such items at the end of their life, consumers should follow options that allow them to be recycled.

As part of a drive to encourage recycling, one group in Longmont is promoting the green message ahead of Earth Month.

Local news provider the Longmont Times-Call reports that Eco-Cycle is reminding residents that a variety of uncommon items can be recycled.

Alongside ink cartridges, the group is calling for other computer peripherals such as keyboards and mice, as well as cables and mobile phones, to be recycled.

Recently, the Chosun Iblo reported that more than 1,000 HP products have been found to be eco-friendly, so individuals hoping to boost their own eco credentials could consider using such products in the home.

Alongside, HP, Samsung was noted as having some of the most environmentally friendly products.