There are numerous ways in which people can keep the cost of new ink supplies down to a minimum, it has been claimed.

In an article for the Montville Patch, Katrina Cribley notes that there are numerous different options available when buying printer cartridges, and that consumers may be able to save money and the environment by taking the time to consider the different choices available.

The writer notes that it is not necessary to always buy original ink cartridges. Refilled cartridges tend to be cheaper and may offer improved eco credentials, as the plastic casing is not being replaced every time more ink supplies are needed.

When buying new ink cartridges, Ms Cribley noted that buying in bulk can lead to more savings.

It is important to recycle old cartridges, the expert added.

Earlier this month, the Longmont Times-Call noted that numerous uncommon items, such as printer cartridges and a variety of computer peripherals, can be recycled and should not be simply disposed of with other rubbish.