Eco-conscious consumers could consider buying Kodak printers and ink cartridges after the firm highlighted its ongoing efforts to improve sustainability.

The company claims it has reduced its own greenhouse gas emission by 49 per cent since 2002, just one percentage point away from its own goal of a 50 per cent reduction by 2012.

As well as cutting down on carbon emissions, the company continues to produce as many items as possible that meet Energy Star criteria.

The company notes that since 2009, 96 per cent of all eligible products have met the standard, signalling their high energy efficiency.

Charles Ruffing, director of health, safety, environment and sustainability at the firm, said: "Kodak is proud of the progress made thus far and we remain committed to do more."

Individuals hoping to improve their own eco-friendliness can take a number of steps when printing documents. Adjusting margins and opting to print on both sides of a piece of paper can cut down on waste.

Recycling used ink cartridges can also help improve sustainability.