Kung Fu MonkeyKung Fu Monkey Hero gets his revenge:

In a tale that could have been taken from the pages of an award winning martial arts movie, there is a new hero in China, and he takes no prisoners…..

His name is Kung Fu Monkey!

Lo Wung, 42, trained a group of monkeys in the art of Tae Kwon Do, and used them to entertain crowds for money outside a shopping centre in Nshi, Eastern China….

….but when Lo slipped, one lightning fast monkey saw his golden opportunity to become hero and turn tables on his oppressor, by delivering a flying kung fu kick that even Chuck Norris would have been proud of.

A stunned Lo received the bitter taste of his own medicine and crashed to the ground, at which point the other monkeys joined in to the affray.

A bystander said that the monkeys were jumping everywhere, and even compared the fracas to something that you might see in a Bruce Lee film.

At one Point Lo attempted to gain control by force with a staff, only to be met by another stick-brandishing monkey – inspired by the Kung Fu Monkeys example, who promptly bashed him on the head.

Unfortunately for Kung Fu Monkey, Lo eventually managed to gain control by utilising the rope that that he used to stop them from running off, but personally I think Lo deserved his harsh lesson, and we can only hope that we might soon be hearing about Kung Fu Monkey part II!

Do you have a problem that you need help with? Maybe Kung Fu Monkey could help you out!

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Source: The Telegraph

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