A growing number of people are opting to use HP ink cartridges, a report suggests.

According to news provider Malaya Business Insight, customers in the Philippines are increasingly choosing to use original ink cartridges rather than refilled options.

Gio Sabio, market development manager for supplies, imaging and printing, told the news provider that the company has seen 135 per cent growth in sales of original ink cartridges.

He added that similar growth levels are expected again this year, as more individual users switch to using the products.

The company is undertaking a new campaign to promote the use of original inks. Mr Sabio noted that consumers are increasingly choosing the printer cartridges, despite the fact that they cost more.

Although they have a higher cost compared to refilled cartridges, original products still offer good value, he added.

Recently, an article in PC Advisor warned consumers to consider the price of ink cartridges when choosing a new printer.