It may be possible to impress others with photos by taking the time to print them.

Following the recent launch of Canon's new PIXMA printers in the Philippines, the manufacturer has stepped up efforts to make people aware of the benefits of using ink cartridges and printing their own snaps.

Jill Santiago, marketing manager of Canon Philippines, told ABS-CBN News that the company is working to make individuals realise the importance of good-quality prints.

"We want our prints to have an effect on the viewer. We want to wow, impress and delight," she said.

While photo sharing websites continue to grow in popularity, printing the images offers a new take on the pictures, the news provider noted.

Ms Santiago added that many people tend to opt for savings at the expense of high-quality prints, but by making better-quality images, they are able to get more from the pictures.

Canon's Pixma MG8150 has recently won the best multifunction printer title at the Technical Image Press Association Awards.