There are numerous ways besides recycling printer cartridges in which it is possible to be more eco-friendly when printing, it has been claimed.

Writing for the Montville Patch, expert Katrina Cribley noted that alongside only printing what is absolutely necessary, individuals can take a number of other steps to limit the environmental impact of their printing.

Changing the page setup and remembering to check 'print preview' before producing a document can help to ensure that there is no need to re-print when mistakes have been made.

Choosing options such as duplex printing, using grayscale and printing in fast/draft model can also help to reduce the environmental impact, the expert suggested.

Besides this, users could choose options to put more than one page on a sheet of paper, alter margins or reduce the size of the document so that it all fits on one side, Ms Cribley added.

As well as limiting paper wastage when printing, consumers trying to become more eco-friendly could recycle their ink cartridges.