Certain printer errors can be easily overcome, allowing home users the chance to make the most of their ink cartridges.

Responding to a reader query regarding a fault with a Canon MP750 all-in-one printer, Rick Maybury wrote in the Telegraph that there may be a quick-fix that allows the individual to bypass the 'waste ink near full' message.

The reader wrote that he has recently purchased new Canon ink cartridges and was "reluctant" to throw the machine away.

Mr Maybury noted that as it was the first time that the message has occurred, the owner may be able to simply reset the counter that makes the message appear rather than actually empty the waste ink pads.

He added that "replacing those pads is a horrible, messy business and involves delving deep into the printer's innards".

The expert added that the job can be expensive if a professional repair is sought.

Recently, Canon's Pixma MX420 received a positive review from PC Pro, which noted that the model can produce high-quality prints.