Printing photos can help to bring images to life, it has been claimed.

Photographer and lecturer Jo Avila told ABS-CBN News that images become "more alive" when they have been printed.

He added that it is important to get the most from colour ink cartridges when printing photographs so that the finer details of a photo can be more clearly seen.

"There's something about the print; its tangibility that makes the images more alive. That's why you print," he said.

Jun Miranda, a photographer from the Philippines and founder of the Philippine Centre for Creative Imaging, told the news provider that only printing allows the quality of an image to be seen.

Reproduction on the internet does not offer the same contrast detail or shadows, he said.

While the internet may offer an easy way to share images, individuals hoping to showcase their pictures should still print, Mr Miranda added.

Earlier this month, the Canon Pixma MG8150 won a Technical Image Press Association Award when it was named as the best multifunction photo printer.