planesSo how did Samsung manage to send 100 paper airplanes 10,000 miles across the globe?

Simple….they released them from a helium balloon 20 miles in the air!

Samsung, known all over the world for manufacturing a range of consumer products such as  TV’s, phones, printers and toner cartridges, decided to take their marketing to a whole new level…! (Well kind of; technically speaking 62 miles in the air is classed as space)

Samsung wanted to show the world how durable their memory cards are, so they decided to attach them to paper airplanes and release them 20 miles in the air. Samsung hope that whoever finds one of these airplanes will fire up the memory card and check in where the plane is found.

Early reports suggest that Samsung’s airplanes have so far landed in Australia, South Africa, India, Russia, Canada and even the U.S.

This clever stunt called “Project Space Planes” released the airplanes on the 17th January this year above Wolfsburg, Germany so look out for a paper airplane near you.

Even if technically they’re not space airplanes, to drop a bunch of them 20 miles above land and to travel as far as Australia is pretty amazing!

To see how Samsung acheived their astonishing feat, check out the launch video below:

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