A range of new products from HP have a focus on stylish design, which may be important for those hoping for a sleek look in the home.

The printer and ink cartridge manufacturer is set to release a new line of HP Pavilion Desktop PCs, which it claims have been designed to complement the latest home decor trends.

As well as offering stylish computers and monitors, HP has been praised for a new design of printer, which one reviewer described as offering a new approach to home printing.

Technology correspondent for the Daily Transcript in San Diego said the HP Envy 100 e D410a is the "result of imaginative thinking", noting that a particular design benefit is the lack of a large input and output tray on the front.

Consumers looking for the most up-to-date designs could consider teaming the printer with one of the new desktop PCs from the company, which HP claims offer both "performance and expandability".

Features of the new units include easily accessible USB ports so that other devices, including cameras and MP3 players, can easily be charged.