Consumers may be able to save money in a number of ways when they try to complete different print jobs.

After the initial outlay of a printer, consumers will have to buy new ink cartridges in order to meet their continued printing needs. However, there are ways in which people can save money, a report suggests.

While manufacturers continue to promote using only original inks, other options are available that may help people to save money.

Using refilled ink cartridges may be a cheaper option, but some printer producers claim that the quality of printed items may not be as high.

Individuals who choose to refill cartridges themselves should also take care not to spill ink and damage their printer, ComputerWorld recently reported.

The news provider noted, however, that the cost per page can be kept down when using such inks.

Reusing ink cartridges may have environmental benefits, as the plastic casing will not go directly to waste.