Football fans who want to record a memory of Manchester City's victory over Stoke in the recent FA Cup Final could be interested in a 360-degree photo taken inside Wembley Stadium during the match.

The photo, taken by Jeffrey Martin from, measures 10 gigapixels in size and captures every corner of the stadium.

To take the picture, a camera was mounted on a special tripod so that it could turn completely around while continuously taking images.

Each separate image was then stitched together to create one single picture. The whole picture was created and published in less than 24 hours, which the FA notes is an "unprecedented feat of online publishing".

Processing the image required the use of a special computer – a Fujitsu Technology Solutions Celsius R670 workstation with 192 gigabytes of RAM and 24 CPU cores.

Careful planning was of course required, with test runs being held during the semi-final between Manchester United and Manchester City. The photographer also took practice shots in Prague so that nothing was left to chance on the big day.

While individuals may want to use their own printers and ink cartridges to record their own memories from the day, they can also use the FA's website to tag themselves in the special 360-degree photo.