People looking for ways to become more eco-friendly could follow the example set by one school and start recycling more products such as printer supplies.

Two mothers who volunteered at a local school wanted to improve the institution's environmental credibility, so set about creating new ways to encourage recycling of all waste, the Cupertino Patch reports.

As well as clearly marking recycling bins, the pair set up a collection box for used ink cartridges, so that the waste items from Christa McAuliffe School could be recycled properly, the news provider said.

Consumers can also recycle the ink cartridges used by their home printers, which could help to cut down on waste heading to landfill.

There are other ways that individuals can improve their eco-friendliness by adjusting print jobs. Using options such as the eco-printing mode, where less ink supplies are used, or remembering to duplex all documents, so that both sides of a sheet of paper are used, could help to ensure that resources are not wasted unnecessarily.