People who love taking digital photos and using their own ink cartridges and printers to reproduce them may be keen on a new offering from Kodak.

The Kodak ESP Office 2170 has a range of features that are suitable for home users, although it could also be suitable in a small office.

Features on the multi-function device include the ability to print directly from iOS or BlackBerry products, as well as the possibility to create 3D photos.

A review of the model by Digital Trends noted that Kodak ink cartridges are relatively cheap, thereby helping to offset the higher initial cost of the device.

And when photos are printed, the results are "natural and vibrant", the review stated, noting that text "is perfectly contrasted and easy to read".

Even when high volumes of documents were printed, quality did not drop, the review said.

Launching the model, Kodak said it allows home users to benefit from "high quality and affordable printing".