Individuals looking to save money on ink cartridges can adopt a number of techniques to make their printers perform more efficiently.

District manager of US retailer Cartridge World Jeff Peters was quoted by as saying many people "will print on pink [ink] for a while after the black is out of their cartridge" because they are unwilling to purchase a replacement.

However, the frequency with which new printer ink needs to be bought can be reduced by running a printer in draft or economy mode.

In addition to this, computer software can help cut down on ink wasted when pages are printed in error.

According to PC World, the Green Print system enables users to preview documents before they are sent to the printer and remove any sections that they do not require a hard copy of.

Katrina Cribley, writing for the Montville Patch, also noted that when ink cartridges do need to be replaced, it may be cheaper to purchase the items in bulk.