By using printer profiles, individuals using their printers and ink cartridges to create their own art pieces may be able to achieve better results.

The different ways that colour is produced on a computer screen and through a printer mean that appearances can inevitably differ between the end result and what is shown on a monitor.

However, these differences can be kept to a minimum simply by making effective use of printer profiles, photography expert Lesa Snider said in an article for Macworld.

She noted that the colour gamut – or the range of colours a printer can produce – is affected by numerous factors, including what colourants are used, the kind of paper installed and the dot pattern followed by printers.

By using profiles, people are able to define what is being used so that things can be better printed.

There are numerous different profiles available, the expert said, noting that many can be readily downloaded from manufacturer websites. However, an important thing to remember is that it is important to instruct whatever program is being used to manage the colour itself rather than letting the printer do it, otherwise the different results will not be there.

Anyone printing special photos may wish to use specific photo paper rather than standard inkjet paper – as even though the ink cartridges being used are the same, the final results can differ.