Using ink cartridges in home printers could prove to be an effective way to create personalised gifts.

As Mother's Day in the US approaches, FedEx has revealed that some 79 per cent of survey respondents intend to give personalised gifts.

Popular gifts with an original spin include home-made photo albums, the business services company said.

A number of printers allow users to create items such as photo albums without the need for a PC. Simply plugging a memory stick directly into the printer and utilising the device's options can allow users to create their own books, which may help people to share special memories.

Recently, HP argued that high-quality pictures can be printed at home simply by using standard printers and ink cartridges.

The company noted that by using its Photosmart range of printers, along with the right photo paper, it is possible to achieve a "lab-quality" standard in a relatively short amount of time.