T-shirt warIf like me when you were little, you ever tried to create a stick man flip book animation by drawing little pictures on every page of the corner of a sketch book, you are about to be wowed by T-Shirt War!

T-Shirt War is a stop motion viral delight created using a camera, a laptop, and 222 T-shirts with a whole lot of designs printed on them!

The web hit was created by and stars Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, a North Carolina comedy duo, who are musicians, TV hosts and masters of viral internet hits. Rhett and Link have created over 200 web videos and sketches, which have been viewed more than a total of 90 million times internationally!

The video was created using stop motion; an animation technique where thousands of individually taken photographs of slight movements are stitched together into a video to create the illusion of movement. The hit also required a whopping 222 pre-printed t-shirts and 2 days of painstakingly hard work!

I’m sure that you’ll agree….the end result is massively impressive and definitely worth the effort! Now where’s my sketchbook and pencil??

 Check out the video below:

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