Today, more than ever, we are subjected to big brand advertising — on television, the radio, the web, on billboards and in a multitude of other formats… And there’s no doubt that advertisers are getting more creative.

One of the best examples of recent years is Aleksandr the meerkat, not only has he got his own website but he’s written a book, and he’s got more than 750,000 followers on his Facebook page. All this to sell insurance at or rather! View a recent Meerkat advert here

Of course, sometimes ads are just plain annoying… Coincidently another insurance comparison website,, has got under our skin with the annoying opera singer for the last couple of years… However, we all recognise the brand within an instance of hearing the tune, so the ad must be doing its job?

Sports brands are great at creating inspirational adverts that make us want to do great things… Who can forget the amazing Nike advert (Write the Future) for the 2010 World Cup Finals featuring a galaxy of football stars including Rooney, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho… Shame it didn’t inspire any of the stars to do great things in the finals! See the Nike Advert here

While advertising has become more sophisticated over the years, every brand has remained faithful to a slogan. (Or a strapline as it’s known in the advertising world) They’re just a few words in length but can be hugely powerful. For me, one of the greatest modern-day straplines is Nike’s ‘Just Do It‘. Three words that convey such a feeling of strength and it suggests that anyone who wears sportswear with the ‘swoosh logo’, can actually do it!

So what makes a great strapline? Well, according to the website, a strapline should be short and crisp sounding, it will either sound right or it doesn’t, and quite often should be witty. They also state that it naturally should reflect the brand image and will put the customer in a certain type of mood when they hear or read the strapline.

After many hours thinking of famous brand slogans along with research from the the web, I have created my top 35 straplines of recent times….

In no particular order;

Just Do It. Nike

Beanz Meanz Heinz. Heinz Baked Beans

Have a break, have a Kit Kat. Kit Kat

Probably the best lager in the world. Carlsberg

Because I’m worth it. L’Oreal

Let your fingers do the walking. Yellow Pages Sony

Every Little Helps. Tesco

Don’t just book it. Thomas Cook It. Thomas Cook

You know when you’ve been Tango’d. Tango

Finger lickin’ good. KFC

A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play. Mars

The ultimate driving machine. BMW

It’s good to talk. BT

Cats like Felix like Felix. Felix

Snap! Crackle! Pop! Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

Vorsprung durch Technik. Audi

It’s the real thing. Coca-Cola

I ♥ New York. New York State

Connecting people. NOKIA

Think different. Apple Computers

And all because the lady loves milk tray. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate

I bet he drinks Carling Black Label. Carling Black Label

Australians wouldn’t give a XXXX for anything else. Castlemaine XXXX Lager

Liquid engineering. Castrol GTX

A Double Diamond works wonders. Double Diamond (beer)

Put a Tiger in Your Tank. Esso

Never knowingly undersold. John Lewis

Any time, any place, anywhere. Martini

P-P-P-Pick up a penguin. Penguin Biscuits

It’s a lot less bovver than a hover. Qualcast

Tetley make tea-bags make tea. Tetley Tea

8 out of 10 cats prefer it. Whiskas Cat Food

Hello Boys. Wonderbra

The document company. Xerox

So thats my list of the 35 greatest advertising straplines of recent times… Do you agree with this list? Whether you agree or not, or you would like to add your favourite, simply post a comment below….

However, I’d like to share one further strapline that isn’t quite as famous as these, but I think its pretty good!  Pay Peanuts for Ink & Toner.

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