There are numerous ways in which printing costs can be managed, but finding the cheapest ink cartridges may be one of the most effective in the long term.

One producer that offers cartridges which tend to be cheaper than those from rivals is Kodak. The company tends to charge more for its devices but then offers lower-cost printer supplies.

The News of the World's Captain Cash notes: "With Kodak, the more you print, the more you save."

It adds that because the cartridges are an affordable price, people will be able to save money "year after year".

The devices offer features designed to match those of bigger-named rivals and can include the ability to copy and scan documents as well as printing articles and photographs.

Kodak's PicFlick app, which can be used in conjunction with certain models, allows people to print images directly from their Blackberry, iPhone or iPad. Besides this, it allows people to share their photos in easily, the company claims.