A tiny baby spider monkey that has been hand-reared by keepers at Melbourne Zoo is proving to be a big hit with visitors.

The Herald Sun reports that the adorable primate, named Estela, was abandoned by her mother less than two days after being born – which meant zookeepers had to step in to raise the pint-sized primate themselves.

Senior keeper Jess McKelson and her team worked around the clock to ensure the animal was well looked after and bottle-fed Estella to make sure she received all the nutrients she needed to grow.

Six months on, the baby is now strong enough to interact with the zoo's other residents and is being instructed in the basics of monkeying around by her grandmother, 39-year-old Sonja, who is teaching the little one to climb.

"It has been great for Sonja, Estela has given her a new lease of life," Ms McKelson said.

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