Printer and ink cartridge maker Canon has received an award in Australia for the steps it takes to ensure its operations are as green as possible.

The company won a silver medal as part of the Sustainability Advantage programme in the country for its efforts, which include schemes to reduce the energy usage of its products and cut down the amount of waste it creates.

Canon Australia's manager of quality, safety and environment Janet Leslie said the firm is proud to accept the award, which recognises the enterprise's sustained drive towards becoming a greener organisation.

She added that Canon is "committed to reducing its environmental impacts at every stage of our products' lifecycle, from sourcing raw materials and technological innovation at the global level to efficient management of our local facilities".

Minister for the environment in New South Wales Robyn Walker added that all the award recipients had proven themselves to be leaders in their sectors for the way in which they encourage their employees and customers to improve their environmental performance.

Several printer and ink cartridge makers have been keen to highlight their green credentials recently, with HP explaining how many of its models are certified as energy efficient.