A charity in Hartlepool is urging people to donate their used ink cartridges to help raise money for good causes.

The Peterlee Mail reports the initiative comes from the local branch of the Royal British Legion, which collects funds to assist former servicemen and women.

Poppy Appeal organiser at the group Sian Cameron explained how any printer supplies it receives can be sold on in bulk.

"What may appear as rubbish to some people can be re-used and can help people who really need it," she stated.

Ms Cameron added the charity is organising a prize for those who are the biggest contributors to the campaign.

As not all ink and toner cartridges are suitable for recycling, she encouraged people to get in touch with the Royal British Legion if they wish to help, so it can be determined if what they have is suitable.

Recently, printer maker Kodak launched a scheme in the US that encourages people to trade in their old electronic goods, including ink cartridges, so they can be recycled properly.