Home office users looking to use colour ink cartridges to make a good impression with their printed materials should think carefully about the combinations of hues they go for.

This is according to branding expert and colour psychologist Jill Morton, who wrote in a blog post for Xerox that making selections that complement each other is essential to an impressive document.

She explained a common mistake is to use too many shades, which results in a "visual clutter" and can be distracting.

Ms Morton said two or three colours are usually all that is required to deliver a good impact.

"Creating colour harmony is critical in document design to engage the reader, create a positive first impression and set the stage for your message," the expert stated.

It is also important to ensure there is a clear contrast between text and the background to aid readability, she added.

Individuals who use large amounts of colour ink cartridges may like to consider how they can be safely recycled, as Get Wokingham recently reported how residents in the area have been given instructions on the best way to dispose of several household items, including printer supplies.