Amateur photographers who may use Kodak ink cartridges to print their best snaps may be interested to hear how freeze-motion techniques are becoming increasingly popular.

The British Journal of Photography explained the images are proving desirable with advertising agencies due to the high impact they make with the viewer, as well as the clarity of the image.

Created by the use of very fast flash lighting or quick shutter speeds, the finished result can appear "slick and polished", the publication noted, but often involves an element of chance to capture a good image.

"You sort of have to set the stage and let the action happen," stated photographer Vincent Skoglung, adding it is often a case of attempting to catch a single moment.

He suggested the appeal of such images lies in their combination of "quiet and loud", as the stillness of the composition combined with the sense of movement gives an interesting effect.

Photographers using ink cartridges to print out their work may also be interested to hear that Canon has teamed up with Hollywood producer Ron Howard to develop a short film based on photos submitted by members of the public.