Printer and ink supplies manufacturer Kodak has been highlighting its efforts to make its product more sustainable.

As well as producing low-energy printers such as the ESP C310 all-in-one device, which has won an Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award from the International Consumer Electronics Association, it has drawn attention to its recyclable ink cartridges and paper that is derived from sustainable forests.

The firm has recently updated its corporate sustainability goals and reported it is on target to meet its aim of cutting its greenhouse emissions by 50 per cent from its 2002 level by next year.

It noted that since 2002, it has already achieved carbon reductions equivalent to taking 350,000 cars off the road.

"Sustainability is an essential business driver for Kodak and an important part of our product development process," said Pradeep Jotwani, president of the consumer digital imaging group, chief marketing officer and senior vice-president at the company.

Recently, another manufacturer, Canon, announced it will be showcasing its environmentally-friendly products at this year's China-Japan Green Expo.