Individuals looking to reduce the amount they spend on ink cartridges may find a printer from Kodak could offer them savings in this area.

The company's business model involves offsetting initial higher costs for the hardware by making replacement ink cartridges for the devices cheaper to buy than those sold by competitors.

This may make it an attractive option for heavier home users who are likely to use more ink than average.

One such Kodak printer that has recently been tested is the ESP 310, which was examined by Trusted Reviews' Simon Williams.

Giving his verdict on the device, he said: "This printer produces good quality prints on plain and photo paper and it costs very little to produce them compared with many rivals."

Those concerned about the environmental impact of their printing activities may also be pleased to hear that Kodak ink cartridges are made of recyclable materials, while their packaging contains at least 90 per cent recycled paper.