Residents of one village in India may be used to seeing traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies take place, but they might look twice at one such celebration next month when they see the bride and groom are monkeys.

IANS reports how three-year-old groom Raju will ride to his bride Chinki's home in Rajasthan on a horse, before the pair exchange marriage 'vows'.

His caretaker Ramesh told the news provider how he has brought up Raju like a son and wants to enjoy the feelings any father experiences on their child's wedding day.

"We have made all the preparations. Marriage invitations have been sent to hundreds of people," he explained.

Gifts from Chinki's side include a Rs5,100 (£70) dowry, plus gold and silver jewellery.

The wedding will take place on July 6th and afterwards, Chinki will move to her new husband's home.

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