A number of monkeys have been caught and removed from a temple in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, after a series of attacks on tourists, a report states.

According to Agence-France Presse (AFP), authorities in the city initiated a crackdown on the unruly monkeys because of the violence shown towards human visitors.

Nhek Rattanak Pich, director of Phnom Tamao Zoo and Rescue Centre, told AFP: "Phnom Penh authorities asked us to remove the violent monkeys from the temple … the guards there said many visitors had been bitten by big monkeys."

So far, 13 of the semi-tame animals have been removed from Wat Phnom pagoda, the news provider stated, adding that the operation is set to carry on.

Approximately 200 monkeys reside in and around the temple – and they have been known to attack nearby homes, occasionally stealing any items that they find.

Separately, research carried out on the Caribbean island of St Kitts found that monkeys have learnt to steal alcohol from local bars. The study also noted that the animals have similar drinking habits to humans.

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