Individuals searching for a new printer and ink cartridges for their home will look primarily at specifications such as output quality when making their choice.

This is according to Matt Whipp, editor of, who stated that dots per inch (dpi) will be one key consideration for consumers, alongside the speed of the machine.

Resolution was also highlighted as important recently by Melissa Riofrio of PC World, who said anyone who selected a device with true 1200 x 1200 dpi functionality would be able to appreciate the sharpness of the images produced.

This could be an important feature for those looking to print photos on their home machine, as Mr Whipp noted many people are still opting to do this on their own devices rather than taking their memory cards to a store.

He also suggested the rise of internet-connected printers from manufacturers such as HP could lead to innovations where people can sign up to have mail printed on their computer rather than sent through the post, which could encourage people to buy cheap ink cartridges.