Printing important documents likes CVs and job applications so they can be proof-read without relying on a computer spell-checker may be one way that people can work to ensure they stand the best chance of getting a new position.

Peter Panayotou, founder and senior consultant of CV consultancy The Write Stuff, said it is important to be detail-oriented when sending in a job application.

Using printer supplies to produce paper copies of important documents may be one way that people can easily check for errors – and possibly spot things they may have missed if they had relied solely on a spell-checker.

Mr Panayotou suggested that style errors are probably "the biggest problem" in creating a CV.

He added that a reliance on computer programs can mean that on occasion the wrong word appears or American spelling is used.

"From an employer's point of view it is important to show that you have been thorough and that you have got that attention to detail," Mr Panayotou said.

Some people find it easier to spot mistakes on paper than they do on a computer screen, so utilising printer supplies, especially for important documents such as CVs and job applications, can help ensure that even the smallest of errors can be found.