Individuals looking to use ink cartridges to print out their photographs may be interested to hear how Samsung has stated it will improve its range of cameras this year.

The company said its goal in this sector will be to offer products that will allow all levels of photographer to capture sharp, detailed images, something it hopes to achieve through the development of new lens technologies.

Business leader for digital imaging at Samsung South Africa Mark Geldenhuys noted: "We are committed to meeting the needs of each and every photographer out there and moving beyond conventional trends in the digital camera market."

He added that devices from the manufacturer offer clear images that benefit from a rich, natural range of colours.

Samsung predicted common features that will be incorporated into many new camera designs this year will include 3D still imagery, Wi-Fi connectivity and high-definition video recording.

Another company that has been promising new photography technology recently is start-up firm Lytro, which is developing a camera that allows an image to be refocused after it has been captured.