piano staircaseWhat cause our bad habits and poor behaviour?

For example, why do people drop litter on the floor, even though there’s a litter bin just 50 yards away?

We all do it; we get into routines and so we try to take short cuts for the quick and easy tasks that we do every day.

We adopt poor behaviour like speeding while driving, or taking the escalator instead of the stairs when we know we need the exercise.

So how do we break that routine and stop the bad habits?

Introducing the Fun theory by Volkswagen:

Last year Volkswagen created the Fun Theory award, that recognised the ideas and innovations of the entrants who could help prove the concept that introducing fun elements to everyday things would be the best way to change people’s behaviour for the better.

Here are just some of the amazing finalists:

The world’s deepest Bin:

Challenge – how do you make people want to throw rubbish in the bin, instead of dropping it on the floor, or even get them to pick it up??  Here’s how (Maybe we should add this to our bins at home!):


The Piano stairs:

Challenge – How many times do you look at a flight of stairs and think…sighhhhhh? So what can we do to encourage people to exercise more by using the stairs instead of the escalator? Here’s a great idea, but we may need a crash mat at the bottom just in case!


Finally, my personal favourite, and Fun theory award winner: The Speed Camera Lottery:

Challenge – Just how do you get people to stick to the speed limit?? You may be thinking that this is too much to ask for, and let’s face it, we are more likely to enjoy a hot British summer but I think this one could be a win, win solution…if only the government would allow it!


So if you want to break the bad habits in your life or for those around you, why not introduce some fun elements to make those every day tasks just a little more exciting!

I say we start a petition to get the Speed Camera lottery put in place today!

Maybe you have some cool fun theory ideas of your own! Comment below and let us know what you think!

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